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Get paid to advertise your properties with Housr

We are completely free to list and have no success fee. 

Housr is a two sided portal that allows you to manage your properties and also has a mobile app that allows students easy access to all your properties.

Why people choose us


We pay you to let your homes

Get paid £120 per home you advertise with Housr. All we ask is that you use our all-in-one billing platform for the properties you advertise with us.


Comprehensive tenant screening services

Say goodbye to time wasters, all Housr users are verified students so you can be sure everyone liking your properties are eligible tenants.


Robust management tools

Never be out of the loop at any stage of the renting process, due to extensively tested systems

capable of high volume transactions .


User-friendly interface

Organise your properties like never before, the clear layout of the management portal frees up time scrolling through different sites, with everything you need in one easy navigable place.


Direct chat to tenants

Is chatting to your tenants all over the place?


Have all these chats in a centralised location using the Housr tenant chat feature.

Manage bookings

Don’t have a dedicated system to track bookings coming in?

Accept or decline bookings as they start to flood into your account.

Real-time analytics

Understand your properties like never before. Using data to identify the top-performing houses for comparison.

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Frequently asked questions

All sound good? 

Schedule a call with our sales team to discover the potential advertising revenue we can generate for you, putting money back into your pocket.