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Housr Is The One Stop Shop

for all your student housing needs. 

Streamline the whole process of finding your next student house, all from one convenient app.


Find properties

Start swiping right on over 44,000 properties to find your next student house.

Book viewings

Effortlessly book viewings from your liked properties and connect your calendar to keep track of all your bookings.

Direct chat to landlords

Never get left on read again, use the landlord chat feature to be put in contact with your landlord immediately.

Search with friends

View each others liked houses by searching with friends and get booking quicker. 

Manage maintenance issues

Sort maintenance issues effortlessly, using the management feature to highlight issues to your landlord as soon as they occur.

Discounts to your favourite spots

Save your student loan when you use the perks page to access Housr exclusive deals for some of your favourite venues and brands.

Housr bills

Be the best housemate and access one of the cheapest billing services through the Housr app. Our all-in one billing service takes all the stress out of sorting bills.


Simplify expense tracking

Keep track of your expenses effortlessly, as Housr combines all your repayments into one convenient monthly payment.


Split the expenses

Never chase your housemates for repayments again! 

Join Housr bills to avoid the ‘transfer me plz’ message and enable everyone to pay their own share of bills.


Automate payments

Never miss payments, the automation of repayments mean that you will never miss your next bill.

Navigating the Perks Page

 Whether you’re looking to save on everyday expenses or treat yourself to something special, our Perks is your gateway to a more enriched student experience.


Accessing the Perks Page

To get started on saving money every time you leave the house, simply download the Housr app and head to the perks page to access FREE student perks.


Viewing Available Perks

Once you’ve landed on the “Perks” page, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of perks and benefits.


Details and Redemption

To get the most out of a perk, simply click on it to reveal additional details. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information about the offer, including a description, terms, and conditions.


Refer to Redeem

Through our perks page, you also have access to free drinks and food. What do you need to do?


Simply refer a friend to our app using your unique referral code.

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